Success stories and how to leverage this innovative platform

presented by the DREAM Workshop Series

Thursday, March 30, 2017.  5:30 to 6:30 pm.  Free admission, refreshments provided.  

Crowdfunding is a strategy for fundraising that collects small contributions from large numbers of people.  It is the mechanism powering Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns, that jumpstart innovative new product ideas, and support very worthy causes.

It is also an increasingly popular way for companies to obtain equity investment.  Online platforms like Crowdfunder, Onevest, and SeedInvest allow qualified investors all around the world to view and fund promising business ventures.

Maine’s new crowdfunding rule went into effect on January 1, 2015.  Rule 523 “facilitates public investment in small (a) permitting the use of a simplified registration statement form for smaller offerings and (b) promoting uniformity with other jurisdictions that require the registration of securities.”  Yet few small businesses in Maine have taken advantage so far.

In this seminar, Mr. Rodney Sparkowich of Downeast Maine SCORE will present crowdfunding success stories and explain how to use this exciting fundraising platform.  Also presenting will be Aaron Sprague of Acadia Yurts, and Chuck Carter of Eagre Games.


Rodney Sparkowich is the current Downeast Maine SCORE chapter chair.  He is the owner of Coastal K9 Consulting, LLC, offering complete dog training and behavior management services for pet and working/service dogs throughout Maine.  Rod and his wife, Tracy, were recipients of the Maine Cooperative Extension Service’s Small Business Leadership in Action Award for 2013, in recognition of having made a difference in the local community.

Downeast Maine SCORE is a non-profit extension of the US Small Business Administration, which exists to help small businesses flourish.  SCORE, nationally, has over 37,000 volunteer mentors across all 50 states, with six chapters in Maine.  Downeast Maine SCORE has offices at the Mill Mall in Ellsworth, and elsewhere throughout Washington and Hancock counties.


Aaron Sprague and his partner, Karen Roper, have both worked in the hospitality industry in Bar Harbor, and through their experience, they have investigated why people keep returning to Acadia, year after year: universally, people come to slow down and reconnect.  They want to connect to nature, to their loved ones, and to themselves.  Acadia Yurts seeks to offer all enthusiasts of life a beautiful place to stay, that keeps them comfortably close to nature.



Chuck Carter helped created Myst and 26 other video games, including the Command and Conquer and Red Alert franchises, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Nox, Pacman World Rally, Kyrandia, and many others.  Carter has worked on TV shows like Babylon 5, as well as contributing work on Star Trek the Experience and Disney’s Mission to Mars motion rides.  His illustration and animation work has been featured by the BBC, National Geographic, the US Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Scientific American, NASA, Caltech, and JPL, as well as dozens of other publications and organizations.  Carter is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Eagre Games in Orono, Maine.