About You

Here’s where the real magic happens.  We’re here to help you stand and scale your business.  Sprinkle the entrepreneurial vibe from fellow makers into the mix and you have a recipe for success!  We’ve partnered with educational leaders, business support groups, and seasoned entrepreneurs to help you succeed. Bridging the gap between best practices and whatever works.  It’s about you working with mentors just like you!

How did we do it?  Well, to start, we asked people like you what they would want and built it together from the ground up.

DREAM Workshop Series

You asked for less classroom, more conversation. You got it! Classes designed to educate while promoting peer input. These workshops focus on initial idea capture to pitching your business with presenters from University of Maine, SCORE, Maine Technology Institute, and regional business owners.

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Business Incubator Program

You said the spirit of the place was more important than the footprint in the space.  We agreed! Our program provides onsite support, access to entrepreneurial networks, business coaching, and great comradery. We’ve got everything you need to take your business to the next level in an idyllic setting.

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Business Coaching Services

You asked for the experts.  We learned to lasso!  We have access to experienced startup coaches and mentors who can help you with everything from legal questions to how to pitch an idea.  Experts from University of Maine and SCORE are available onsite to help you get ahead of business growth hiccups. These services are part of our business incubator and affiliate programs.

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Business Affiliate Program

You asked to be part of it in a virtual state.  We’re working on it!  Coming soon.

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